Everyone wants to feel better in the morning. Unfortunately, few understand what that entails. Many people feel that 5 hours of sleep is adequate. Others feel that taking prescription medications or sleep aides are a viable shortcut. In truth, there are 3 main ingredients to the best night’s sleep you can possibly get. First, you need to remember that the act of “falling asleep” is just a small piece of the equation. More important are the steps you take to ensure the quality of rest you get is optimal. Next, the time you spend asleep is very important. While there is no magic number, physicians recommend individuals aim for 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. Failure to achieve a number within this range may lead to serious health issues, including sleep deprivation and decreased mental / cognitive abilities. Finally, you must choose a bed that exceeds your expectations. To learn more about the ingredients to a good night’s rest, readers are invited to join the Select Air Blog for this