Spotlight: Comparing the Select Air i1000 to Sleep Number

Customers want to know: How can Select Air offer a luxury airbed at nearly 40% less than other national brands, without sacrificing quality? A combination of superior manufacturing, more efficient marketing, and quality customer service enable Select Air to reduce overall costs, which is a reduction that ultimately gets passed on to customers. Perhaps most important is marketing; other national brands like Sleep Number Bed invest big advertising budgets in traditional media, which significantly inflates the cost of each sale. In the end, customers end up paying more. Select Air understands that big advertising budgets and traditional media are ineffective and costly– costly to both the company, and to valued customers. Instead, Select Air establishes direct-to-customer relationships via Internet marketing and social media engagement. In doing so, the brand is able to connect with customers at a lower cost, making it easy to pass the savings along.


Can’t Sleep? It Could Be Killing You!

Researchers in Taiwan have come across a startling discovery: Lack of sleep may more than double your risk of heart attack or stroke. Sleep deprivation has long been associated with poor health, hypertension, and high blood pressure. This new study supports these previous ideals while adding a very important dimension: Sleep may also cause serious cardiovascular health issues, as well as stroke. Learn more about this study, and explore ways to promote a good night’s rest naturally.

Are Video Games Keeping Your Child Awake?

The later half of the past decade has seen improvements in the application of video games in society. Websites like, for example, have created a series of specially designed online video games that improve memory, spacial perception, learning, and other vital cognitive skills. Video games are known to have physiological affects on the person playing the game, however. Such effects include increased heart rate, blood pressure, and alertness. This has led researchers to investigate the affect that late-night video gaming has on video game enthusiasts, particularly young children and teenagers. Australian researchers at Flinders University have released the results of one such study, indicating that children who play video games right before bedtime may suffer with sleeping difficulties. This may lead to other health issues, since teenagers need a substantial amount of sleep to support normal and health development. Parents: Learn more about this study in this article.

Can I Use an Airbed on an Adjustable Bed Frame?

At the core of every Select Air luxury air bed is an adjustable air chamber. Controlled by digital remote and Select Air system, the air chamber of each bed is easily inflated to add as much firmness as desired. Personalized firmness is the key to total body support and a good night’s rest, and Select Air ensures you can always “dial-in” to your personalized level of comfort each night via digital remote. What’s more, every Select Air luxury air bed is fully compatible with premium adjustable bed bases. We’re pleased to offer America’s best selling adjustable base, the Leggett and Platt S-Cape, as an optional add-on for each purchase on Adjustable bases are a good investment for individuals with a variety of health issues, including sleep apnea, snoring, arthritis, restless leg syndrome, and others. Learn more about luxury air beds and adjustable bases by visiting this article on the Select Air News Blog, and explore ways to create your very own personalized sleep sy

How Much Sleep Do You Need?

When it comes to getting a good night’s rest, no two individuals have the same exact needs. Whereas some individuals may need only 5 or 6 hours of sleep, others may need upwards of 9 hours to feel completely rested and energized the next morning. Sleep is a critical element of holistic wellness, and it is instrumental in regulating physical, emotional, and mental health. Failure to get enough of it, however, and serious health issues may develop. Visit this article to learn more about sleep and the body’s natural biological clock, then explore 4 tips for developing an all-natural sleep rhythm that will have you sleeping better than ever!

7 Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Rest

Caution: You probably aren’t sleeping well, and the potential for health problems is escalating. A recent study on sleep health reveals only about 7% of respondents report getting 8 hours of sleep or more each night, with most reporting only getting about 5. Such loss of sleep reduces the body’s ability to rest, recuperate, and grow. More than just the physical body are affected, however. Studies also show that sleep deprivation causes a decline in mental abilities like focus, attention, motivation, and overall emotional well-being. Fortunately, there are several ways to train the body to get a full night’s rest each evening. A sleep schedule is an important first step, as going to bed and waking up at the same time each day helps the body set its own internal “sleep clock.” Other factors that significantly impact sleep quality include linens, bedtime ritual (or lack thereof), naps, nutrition, and more. Follow these 7 tips from the editors of the Select Air Blog, and train your body to

Are Luxury Airbeds Compatible with Adjustable Bed Frames?

Luxury air beds rank among the world’s best mattresses for back pain. Adjustable mattresses enable owners to adjust surface tension until an ideal firmness is reached that is capable of supporting each vertebrae throughout the night. Ideal firmness varies, however; what one person finds supportive, another may find rigid and uncomfortable. Air beds have no single firmness, however, and they can be adjusted to accommodate the comfort needs of unique persons. Adjustable air beds are compatible with adjustable bed frames too, a combination that provides maximum adjustability for individuals with a variety of sleep needs. From alleviating sleep apnea to easing lower back pain, there is no sleep system that does more than a luxury air bed paired with an adjustable bed frame! Visit this article to learn more about specific air bed mattresses that are compatible with adjustable bed frames.

The Mattress Guide: Best Beds for Side Sleepers

“Side Sleepers” have unique needs when it comes to finding a mattress that will deliver comfort and support all night long. A few things to consider are how the mattress cradles the shoulders, how it promotes healthy spinal alignment, and how it supports the legs and hips. There are 3 unique positions in which “Side Sleepers” rest, however, which makes finding the perfect mattress a more complex endeavor. With the right information and a little attention to detail, however, you will learn the characteristics of mattresses that are built for individuals who like to sleep on their sides. In this special consumer guide, join the Select Air Beds Mattress Blog to learn more about the special needs of those who sleep on their sides. Then, find a mattress based on your unique sleeping position!

How Do Luxury Air Beds Compare to Ordinary Mattresses?

The mattress has evolved to become one of the most important home furnishings available to consumers today. With physicians recommending that we spend 7 to 9 hours tucked warmly in our beds, it’s no surprise that men and women of all ages are increasingly looking for more comfortable and luxurious bedding options.

3 Rules for High Quality Rest

Everyone wants to feel better in the morning. Unfortunately, few understand what that entails. Many people feel that 5 hours of sleep is adequate. Others feel that taking prescription medications or sleep aides are a viable shortcut. In truth, there are 3 main ingredients to the best night’s sleep you can possibly get. First, you need to remember that the act of “falling asleep” is just a small piece of the equation. More important are the steps you take to ensure the quality of rest you get is optimal. Next, the time you spend asleep is very important. While there is no magic number, physicians recommend individuals aim for 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. Failure to achieve a number within this range may lead to serious health issues, including sleep deprivation and decreased mental / cognitive abilities. Finally, you must choose a bed that exceeds your expectations. To learn more about the ingredients to a good night’s rest, readers are invited to join the Select Air Blog for this